For many businesses, the cost of buying office equipment or the need for occasional extra office equipment makes renting office equipment a good choice. Today, businesses can rent office equipment to take care of these needs and keep their businesses up and running. If you are considering renting for your Charlotte business, CBT has a number of products and services that can help.

rentReasons why Renting Makes Sense
Why should you rent office equipment instead of buying it? In some cases buying makes more sense, but sometimes renting is the best option. Here are some situations when renting is the most cost-effective option for your business.

Renting is ideal when you have a temporary need for a copier or printer. For example, if your company has a particularly high season when print demand is higher than normal, an extra machine can help you get through without delays. Or, if your company’s machine is broken and out for service, you can rent temporarily to ensure that your copy needs are met.

Renting is also a great option if your company is regularly on the road. Production crews, for instance, can rent and have their printing needs met while on a shoot, without the stress of having to pack up and set up their regular office equipment.

Some companies will choose to rent office equipment instead of buying it to save money. While over time buying is more economical, it does require a high upfront cost, and the machines maybe outdated before they are paid off. Renting ensures you always have working, well-serviced machines with an affordable, set monthly cost.

Choose CBT to Rent Office Equipment Throughout Charlotte
For Charlotte area businesses, CBT offers a comprehensive list of copy machines, printers and other rental office equipment. When you rent through CBT, you will always have up-to-date equipment. Our rental contracts include maintenance and repair services, so you will not be responsible if your machine stops working. We offer flexible contracts for one day up to several years, ensuring something that fits you well. If you are ready to rent office equipment for your Charlotte area business, CBT has your needs covered. Contact us today.