At CBT, we specialize in both sale and rental of copiers and printers. If your company has decided that purchasing your office equipment makes the most sense, you can trust us to provide superior products at prices that work with your budget. Our office equipment sales professionals will help you find the right product that will produce the output you need, so you can tackle important work in your office with the confidence that your equipment will deliver. Here are some examples of the types of office equipment we have for sale.

Black and White Laser Printers
Nothing is quite as fast as a laser printer when it comes to producing pages quickly. Our monochrome black and white printers can produce up to 62 pages per minute and have up to 512MB of memory. At CBT, we are pleased to offer quality Ecosys systems for our monochrome black and white printers, because these systems have been proven to stand up over heavy use, making them ideal for the office setting.

Color Laser Printers
If you need color, but still crave fast output, a color laser printer would fit the bill nicely. Putting out between 32 and 37 pages per minute, our color laser printers are a great addition to your office. All are equipped with Apple AirPrint and wireless printing technology. Our office equipment sales department offers quality Kyocera color laser printers.

Color Copiers
When color printing is not sufficient, color copiers are a great addition. Our color printers are multi-function devices that an copy, print, scan and sometimes even fax. Though not as quick as printers, they are still fast and effective providing bright, colorful printed products. We offer Kyocera and Copystar models.

Black and White Copiers
Finally, the CBT office equipment sales department offers reliable black-and-white copiers. Our monochrome printers can print up to 62 pages per minute and are capable of copying as well as printing, scanning and faxing. You have your choice of Kyocera and Copystar products when shopping for a monochrome copier.

If you are in the market for new office equipment, contact CBT today. Our sales professionals are experts at helping our customers find the right products for their needs. Let us guide you to the printer or copier that will make your office effective and efficient!