As the New Year approaches, why not make a resolution to take better care of your office equipment? Your office equipment represents a sizeable investment for your company, and you need to take measures to ensure that it is properly cared for, so you will avoid the downtime that comes from broken equipment. Here are some tips you can implement this year to help.

Position Equipment Properly
The position of your equipment can increase its usable life. Putting it in front of a heater can actually be dangerous, as the heat can cause the entire machine to overheat. Putting it next to a cold wall or window can also be a problem, as extremes of any type are not good for office equipment.

Regularly Clean the Machine
Cleaning the machine will remove dust and debris that can lead to equipment failure. Pick up a can of compressed air and a small hand-held vacuum designed for this purpose. Spray down the machine, inside and out, with the compressed air to loosen up the dust. Then vacuum all visible components.

This same process can be used on other office equipment. Cleaning your CPU, computer keyboard, printer and other machines will help increase their usable lives.

Attend to Paper Jams Quickly
Jammed paper is more than just an inconvenience. Paper jams often leave small amounts of paper fiber stuck in the machine. As these build up, they cause problems. Attend to paper jams quickly, and blow out the area of the jam with compressed air after removing the paper to blow away some of these fibers.

You can also take measures to avoid paper jams. Make sure that all users are trained to properly load the paper, and keep the paper in a dry place where it will not be exposed to humidity.

Have Regular Maintenance Performed
This is a great time to get on a schedule for routine maintenance on your printer, copier, computer and other office equipment. Partnering with a repair professional who can come and inspect, clean and maintain your machines will help you make the most out of your investment.

Your office equipment is going to work hard for you all year long. Make sure it is well prepared by making a commitments to care for it properly this year. If all else fails and you need professional assistance, then contact our team today!