Copy Machine Rentals in Gastonia, NC

Is your Gastonia business growing? With growth often comes a changing need in the office supplies and technology department. The demands on your copiers and printers will grow as your business does, and this can lead to a need for new equipment. Rather than purchasing a new machine, why not choose copier rentals in Gastonia from Carolina Business Technologies? We maintain largest Charlotte area copier rental inventory, and we have the machines you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Exceptional Customer Service, Next-Day Delivery
When you partner with CBT for your copy machine rentals, you benefit from our commitment to customer satisfaction. We work hard to ensure that our customers have their needs met at all times, so you can enjoy functional machines without worry about maintenance or tech support. We install our machines ourselves, and will ensure that you know how to run them, and then provide ongoing maintenance and support for the duration of your lease. We can deliver copier rentals in Gastonia the day after you order, so you will be up and running quickly.

Choose CBT for Gastonia Copy Machine Rentals
A non-functional copier means you cannot meet the needs of your customers. All it takes is one call to CBT to have the industry’s leading copier technology at your disposal, at a fraction of the cost to purchase it. We have daily, weekly and monthly rental agreements available, so you can choose the machine and the lease that meets your needs. If you need copier rentals in Gastonia, you need the services of CBT. Browse our rental inventory today, or contact our team to get started on your copy rental lease.