Costs of Renting Office Equipment

rent printer charlotteHaving a color coper in the office can be a great convenience. You’ll no longer have to deal with the vagaries of the local quick-print shop nor be obliged to purchase more than you need due to minimum run requirements. There’s also no wait. You can print out what you want when you want.

But they’re expensive machines. While it may be tempting to buy, you should first look at how much it would cost to lease instead. It could be a better business decision.

Why Lease?

The answer to this is similar to why someone would lease a car or office space. The initial layout can end up being expensive, depending on your needs. To buy an office copier outright could run as little as around $120 for a small desktop machine suitable for a minimal volume of work up to $50,000 for high-speed, top-quality reproductions.

Once you buy a machine, though, it’s all yours. When you lease a printer, you often get a decent service contract along with it meaning you already have a good line on repair, parts, and supplies. That can mean less downtime for your business. And should your business experience change and growth, you’re in a better position to either cancel or upgrade your machine as necessary.

The considerations depend on your needs.

What Are Your Needs?

Are you just making a few color signs for the office? Or do you need to print out a thousand copies of the Annual Report complete with charts and graphs? Are you printing up some local flyers? Or do you need to be able to quickly produce several hundred brochures on demand?

The higher volume and quality desired the more the cost will be. Before checking for lease quotes, sit down and determine what your annual usage will be like.

Average Color Copier Lease Cost

A quality color copier from the local office supply store will cost, off the shelf, between $150 and $600. That’s not counting supplies such as toner, inks, and paper. You’ll also have to deal with warranties and service restrictions.

Leasing a higher-end mid-volume machine with color printing capabilities and advanced features could cost around $20,000 outright but could be acquired via a five-year lease for approximately $450 to $500 a month. (A three-year lease would likely run between $700 and $750 per month.)

Every Business Is Different

Because of that truth, you may want to consult with experts in the world of office machine technology. The professionals at Carolina Business Technologies, Inc. stand ready to answer any questions you may have so you can make the best-informed decision for your business. Contact us today to learn more!