We are in the time where we use technology for basically every task in our lives. We are so dependent on technology, which has its ups and downs. A major disadvantage of technology is that it is always changing and improving. This can get really difficult for us because it technology does not come cheap and having to continuously update your technology to be able to keep up with the new improvements can get old and expensive.

Luckily for you and your office, Carolina Business Tech has the option of leasing office equipment, so you are not stuck with buying and keeping a copier for years. That being said, here are the top reasons that you should lease your office equipment…

1) No Large Initial Payment
When you first buy office equipment you have to pay up that hefty price upfront, which is not fun. However, with leasing you only have to pay by the month and the payments are much smaller, so it is much easier to budget and pay for it. This will also save yourself much more money for other important things for your business.

2) Flexible Contracts
You will not need to extend your office budget to be able to afford office equipment anymore because Carolina Business Tech can help you find a piece of equipment that will be easier to budget for when leasing.

3) Update for New Technology More
If you were to buy a piece of equipment you are more likely to keep that equipment longer because it was so expensive, than if you were to lease it. Leasing it is the perfect deal because you can pay by the month, so when you are ready for an upgrade you are able to do so without worrying about all the money you are losing by switching to another piece of equipment for your office.

4) Tax Savings
Leasing your office equipment is great for your company tax payments because lease payments can be deducted as an operating expense, which is clears up dealing with the depreciation calculations.