Looking for a copy machine Pineville, NC? Carolina Business Tech is the perfect place for your business! With a large variety of office equipment for sale and/or rent, you are guaranteed to be pleased with our company. You and your employees will love our services, especially with the chance to rent our equipment because there are so many benefits to renting rather than purchasing.

Exceptional Service
One of the benefits from choosing our company to help you with your office equipment needs, is our top-notch customer service provided to each and every customer. Our workers make sure your needs are met at all times with installment and maintenance done by us whenever needed. If that is not enough, just know that we are a trusted company and well known through North Carolina because of our name since we are an area’s leader in copy machine rentals.

Benefits of Renting Over Purchasing
What you do not realize is that having the option to rent office equipment is actually a great deal instead of actually buying the equipment. Here are some of the reasons you should look into renting your next piece of equipment:

  • Lower out-of-pocket expenses when renting because you can pay month to month for however long you need it
  • You have the ability to upgrade to the newer version of the office equipment whenever you want at a much lower cost than selling the one you have and purchasing the upgrade
  • Continuous support and maintenance for the office equipment by our workers whenever needed throughout the lease
  • You also have the ability to rent for a short period amount of time if needed. (For instance, if you only needed a piece of equipment for a month, you can rent instead of having to buy it)
  • The concern of wear and tear of the equipment is not your issue

Choose CBT Because…
With our large variety of model’s equipment to fit every need you may have, we guarantee you will not have any problems. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service to fix any thing right away and delivery equipment before you know it. We even have so many different shapes and sizes of equipment, you will never have to worry about it fitting into your office space.