Your printer is a critical component of your business, and you may not even realize it until it stops functioning and your operations immediately suffer. A working printer makes your workday easier and generates profit by saving you time and effort. Unfortunately, a printer can’t do its job properly without regular maintenance. Follow these tips to keep your printer running and your sanity intact.

  1. Ease Into the Work Week

We need to drink our coffee in the morning to get us going. A printer is similar in that if it’s been offline for a long weekend, it needs a few test prints to warm up. Printers generally enter sleep mode and need to calibrate once they’re up and running. Be patient and let it do its thing before you bombard it with 100-page documents.

  1. Read Between the Lines

Has your printer ever started randomly printing lines on pages? That’s an indication that a roller inside the machine is failing or needs a thorough cleaning. If this occurs, be sure to give the experienced technicians at Carolina Business Technologies a call to properly service your equipment.

Lines can also indicate a paper jam or the resulting loose toner residue. Try running a few blank pieces of paper through the printer to clear up the toner.

  1. Don’t Fill Paper to the Brim

A common, easily preventable problem occurs when an overzealous employee decides they want to overstuff the paper tray when refilling the printer. The paper capacity is generally indicated by a fill line within the tray. You should fill just below this line, never over it.

Also make sure you’re using clean, fresh paper stored in a dry area. Crinkled or used paper creates a jam, and paper that’s been exposed to humidity can easily ripple or curl.

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  1. Not All Toner Will Do the Job

Not every multi-function printer is compatible with the same types of toner. The toners vary in viscosity and quality, meaning you can cause serious, warranty-voiding damage if you use the wrong kind. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for the specific recommendations.

  1. Use the Right Printer for Your Business

Multi-function printers vary greatly in ability and quality. Buy a unit that will stand up to the demands of everyday use in your office. A cheap printer will cost more in constant repairs and downtime than just getting a more efficient model. An expensive machine that requires near non-stop use will also suffer in a slow office environment. Make sure your printer meets the needs of your company, big or small.

  1. Handle With Care

No matter how irritated you are that the printer has broken down again, or no matter how familiar you might be with the model, take your time, follow machine prompts, and unplug the machine before performing any maintenance.

  1. Schedule Regular Maintenance and Service Calls

Multi-function printers require regular maintenance to increase longevity and functionality. Call CBT today to find out the maintenance recommendations for your printer and to schedule the service you need before your printer breaks down.