Office equipment can be costly to buy. If you only need the equipment temporarily, or it’s not in budget to purchase equipment outright, renting can save you time and money. There are many options available for office equipment rental for the Republican National Convention. The RNC will take place in August of 2020 in Charlotte. 

Color Console Copiers

There are a few options available from TASKalfa for color console copiers. All four offer a 100 sheet document feeder with duplex, 500 sheet drawers and network printing. They also offer an option for network scanning to PC or e-mail and have faxing options available. The 2550ci and 250ci provide 25 cpm printing and scanning capabilities while the 3050ci and 300ci offer 30cpm. The 2550ci model is the only one that offers just 500 sheet finishing capabilities with stapling, while the others have the options of 1k or 3k with stapling.

B&W Console Copiers

Much like their color counterparts, TASKalfa black and white console copiers have a 100-sheet document feeder with duplex. Out of the four models available, they all offer 500 sheet drawers, network printing, and fax options. The 3500i and KM-2560 offer copy and print speeds of 25cpm while the KM-3060 has 30cpm and the 5500i offers speeds of 55cpm. The 2560 model has the option of a 1k or 3k finisher with stapling while the others have a 1k finisher with stapling. The TASKalfa 5500i is the only model out of these four black and white console copiers that does not offer network scanning to PC or e-mail. It does have other scanning options, though, and also a 3k bulk paper option that it shares with the KM-3060.

B&W Desktop Copiers

Since desktop copiers are smaller than console copiers, they are easier to transport and cheaper to rent. They are a cost-effective option if you’re not going to need the bulk work of console copiers. Kyocera offers a desktop copier with copy and print speeds of 42cpm. It is a standard copier with printing, color copying, scanning, and faxing capabilities. It even offers a touch screen control panel. The other black and white desktop copier comes from HP, offering 33ppm speeds. It also comes with a 50-sheet auto document feeder. Both options have a 500-sheet paper tray but only the HP LaserJet offers scanning to e-mail.

B&W Laser Printers

For more basic needs, there are 2 simple black and white laser printers available. Both are from Ecosys. The 2100DN and 4200DN are similar in all ways except the printing speed. The 2100 offers 42cpm while the 4200 prints at speeds of 47cpm. Both models have duplex printing, a 500-sheet drawer, and network and USB printing.

If you’re in need of office equipment rental for the Republican National Convention, there are many options available based on your needs. There are two models of laser printers for basic printing needs and two models of desktop copiers if you don’t need the workload of console copiers. For console copiers, there are 4 options available in both color and black and white. They all have similar features with a few minor differences, but they will all meet the requirements of your printing, faxing, scanning, and copying needs.

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