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One of the annoying realities of life is that the machines around us can’t just be plugged in and forgotten. They all need maintenance from time to time. Better so, if it’s performed regularly. You wouldn’t buy a car and never change the oil, would you? You wouldn’t purchase a home and never check the filters on the furnace, right?

The same goes for office equipment. Photocopiers jam. Sometimes they get dead areas or recurring page marks. The same goes for some office printers. Does the shredder stop halfway through a job until you give it a whack? Does your laminating machine need more than one run-through to make a proper seal?

These are just a few examples. Different offices have different requirements, but they all share a need for reliable equipment to keep business running smoothly.

Even if your office is running on limited personnel during this time of COVID-19 or even shut down entirely, it’s still a good idea to make sure to provide proper maintenance to your equipment. While the normal wear and tear may be less for some offices at the moment, you want to be sure you are up and fully running when everyone returns.

Regular office equipment maintenance ensures that you’re getting the most value for your money and the most efficient performance from both the equipment and your employees.

Let’s look at how.

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Reduce the Need For Major Repairs or Replacement

If your office equipment is running fine except for that one minor glitch everyone knows how to fix (e.g., whack it once on the side), what you’re dealing with is an ongoing issue that should be looked at sooner than later. Small, inexpensive problems can quickly turn into significant, costly issues in surprisingly little time.

The adage “no news is good news” sounds comforting at first but can easily lull you into a false sense of security when it comes to the health of your office equipment. Your copier, printer, shredder, or other devices may seem to be perfectly fine, but it’s also entirely possible that there is a small, unnoticed problem growing with each use.

That’s why regular maintenance is so essential. You can avoid a lot of unwelcome downtime by fixing these small problems sooner than later and keeping on top of routine maintenance, so small problems don’t get a chance to take hold in the first place.

Regular maintenance can often be performed by yourself or under a standard service contract built into your equipment’s purchase or lease agreement. Should you neglect regular maintenance, you could end up having to pay for more significant repairs or total replacement.

Save Money and Increase Office Productivity

In short, routine maintenance costs less than full-blown repairs. It’s also cheaper than your office experiencing downtime.

When a series of paper jams turn into a broken roller, that can cost you money in repairs, parts, and time. Even if a piece of office equipment has a service warranty, the loss in office productivity affects your bottom line. Also, regular maintenance extends the life of your equipment. This means less money is spent on new equipment.

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By staying on top of routine maintenance, you can avoid all of this. There is no time lost waiting for fixed or replacement machinery. There are no unexpected repair expenses. There is less time sacrificed to running diagnostics or employees fruitlessly trying to fix it themselves.

Best of all, with regular maintenance, your employees can continue to carry out their work and continue to meet your company’s goals.

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