Sharing office equipment with employees and coworkers can be a struggle at times. Working in closer corners to the same people everyday can make any reasonable irritated at times, even when it comes to indecent behavior involving shared office equipment. It is common that coworkers can find ways to disrupt others work without even trying to. That is why it is important to make sure you follow great etiquette at work, especially to office equipment that you have to share with others.

1) Always Refill After Emptying
It can be very common for someone to use the shared office printer and use all the paper or ink in it and leave it empty. This just becomes an unreasonable task for the next user to have to do and can get quiet frustrating if it happens over and over again. Always be sure to refill the printer with paper or ink if you use the rest of it, or even if you notice it getting low.

2) Don’t Move Others’ Papers
Unless you are told to or tell the person you are going to grab their paper for them from the printer, just leave it there. It can be irritating to people if they take the time to go walk to the printer to find out that their paper has been moved.

3) Don’t Leave Paper for Hours
If you print something, try not to wait hours to go pick it up from the printer. It can cause unnecessary hassles amongst other coworkers when they pick up their papers. For instance, it can be very frustrating if they are always having to separate your papers from theirs or accidentally taking yours and then going back and either putting it back or giving it to you.

4) Let People with Fewer Documents Go First
Don’t be that person at the printer who makes someone in line behind you wait for you to finish copying or printing your huge stack of papers when they clearly have less than you. It is proper etiquette to let them go before you. Plus, maybe you will get some good karma and next time you have a smaller stack someone will let you go before them.