Copy Machine Rentals in Matthews, NC

Located just outside of Charlotte in Mecklenburg County, the community of Matthews is a thriving one, where residents enjoy many economic possibilities as the community grows and expands. If your business is growing and expanding alongside the community of Matthews, you may find yourself in need of a new copier. Rather than investing the capital to purchase a copier during a time when your money may be needed elsewhere, why not invest in Matthews copy machine rentals from Carolina Business Technologies.

CBT Offers Copier Rentals in Matthews
CBT offers the industry’s leading copiers available for lease to businesses of all sizes in Matthews. Whether you have a young business that is just starting to understand its printing and copying needs or an established business facing an unexpected need for additional copiers, CBT has your needs covered. We stock excellent copiers with the latest technology that you can lease on a short- or long-term basis, so you are always able to keep working even while your copier needs change.

Industry Leading Copiers and Industry Leading Customer Service
When they partner with CBT for copier rentals, Matthews business owners get more than just great copiers with flexible leasing structures. They get the benefit of the exceptional customer service that CBT is known for. Not only will we install and connect your leased copier, but we will also perform routine maintenance and service checks on it to ensure it continues providing the level of service you need.

Whether you need a copier for just a few days or for several years, you can save time and money by investing in Matthews copy machine rentals from CBT. See our current models, and learn more about our leasing options today.