Copy Machine Rental FAQ

Buying a copy machine can be a significant expense. Renting one can be even larger. But there is another option that can save you money long-term. If this interests you, you may want to consider leasing a copy machine to help you save more money.

Read on to know more about some important things you have to know before considering leasing a copy machine.

1. Get Rid of the Misconceptions

First off, you need to understand that leasing and renting a copier machine are two different things. Rentals are done monthly. On the other hand, leasing is more of a long-term commitment, as you can be tied into a long-term contract.

2. Look for High-Quality Copiers

More than looking for the most affordable copy machines to lease, check if they are up to the tasks you have in mind. Remember that leasing a copy machine is a long-term commitment. Therefore, you have to ensure that the copiers will still be intact once you’re done fulfilling the agreement.

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3. Read the Contract Thoroughly

If you come across a copy machine lease term or concept that you are not familiar with, do your research. If your efforts eventually are fruitless, you may ask other experts in the industry. You may also ask your provider for some clarifications. It’s essential to learn these things early on while you’re still reading the contract. In the long run, this will prevent you from having problems should there be parts of the contract that you breached. This is important to note if you didn’t fully understand the implications.

4. Negotiate If You Want Changes to the Agreement

Once you’re done checking the contents of the contract, take note of the points that you want to modify in the contract. Also, think about what changes you want to have in the agreement.

5. Review Your Final Contract

Once you express your intent to change some parts of the contract, expect your providers to draft the contract accordingly. As per usual, check the contract contents and see if the terms are suitable to your preferences already. If there are still unclear points, raise these to your provider for clarification and possible rectification. You may then sign the contract once both parties are amenable to the written agreement.

Still in a Bind?

If you’re still having some trouble closing a contract for leasing a copy machine, we can help you with that.

Call Carolina Business Technologies today so we can explain the details of this process. We will also help you decide what copy machine to lease and what lease specifics will work for you in the long run. If you can’t call us at the moment, please fill out a form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.