What is the most important piece of the puzzle to help your Charlotte area business grow? While marketing is essential and having the right people on hand must happen, you might be surprised to learn that your office equipment is also important. Without the right copier and printer, your business will quickly come to a grinding halt. If your budget is tight, but your copier is not doing the job for your business, consider leasing the copier you need to help with your costs.

Leasing a Copier Gives You What You Need, Right Now
If your current copier is not meeting your needs, you may not have the budget to upgrade. Copier rental gives you the chance to upgrade without a high upfront cost, so you can have a copier that truly meets your needs.

Copier Rental Provides a Clear Cost
When you rent a copier, your costs are fixed month to month. Even if your copier gives out and has to be replaced, your costs will not go up. Maintenance costs are also included, as are regular service checks to ensure everything is running as it should. This makes it easier to budget as you work to grow your business.

Upgrades Are Simple with Rental
The right copier for your needs now may not be the right copier later. When you rent, you are not stuck with a copier that is not working for your business. You can easily upgrade, and do so quickly, with a simple call to your rental company. Obsolete equipment is easily exchanged for the latest model under most lease agreements. In this way, copier leasing “future proofs” your office equipment.

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The right office equipment that can handle the latest technology and your current printing needs is essential, especially while your business is growing. CBT Sales is here to help you grow your business with flexible lease terms and the latest rental models. Browse our rental inventory to discover just how affordable copier rental can be.