Copy machines are one of the most widely used pieces of office equipment. This often means it is the machine that needs fixed first, or most often. Think of the equipment like a vehicle. Sometimes you get a flat tire, or you just need an oil change. Sometimes office equipment needs a quick fix by a professional to get working again. Office equipment is costly, so new machines may not be in budget. If your copy machine goes down, copy machine repair is always worth it. 

Source of the Issue

Many times, copy machine problems have a simple solution that even an untrained person can do. For instance, if there are unknown marks on copies, the glass may just need cleaned. Check for debris and dirt and use the appropriate cleaner to clean the glass. Paper jams are another common occurrence with a simple solution. Check to see that the appropriate size and type of paper is being used. If paper in the housing tray is not the culprit of the jam, check the back of the copy machine. Carefully pull the jammed piece of paper out and run a test to ensure the jam is fixed. If the issue is anything other than one of the common problems, it’s time to call in a professional to take a look at the machine. 


Repairing a copy machine may mean less downtime for the machine. Office productivity relying on a copy machine can suffer greatly when it breaks, so getting it fixed quickly is best. Instead of ordering a new machine and waiting for it to arrive, most repairs can be completed within a day or two of the call This means operations will be up and running again in no time. 


Repairing a copy machine is much cheaper than replacing it. Even though a professional may be needed to complete the repair, it is still cheaper than a new machine. Per hour rates for repair technicians can range from $40 and up, while a new machine can cost thousands of dollars. Save money by opting for a repair. 

Since most places of business have contracts with service companies, the cost for repair is greatly reduced. Finding a spur of the moment technician may result in unexpected charges, but the repair costs would still be cheaper than replacing the unit. 

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance can greatly reduce copy machine repair costs and increase the lifespan of the copy machine. By scheduling regular maintenance for the upkeep of your copy machine, you can also reduce the number of repairs needed. 


It may seem small, but it’s simpler to just get a copy machine repaired. It may be a unit your office has used for a while, so employees are familiar with using it. While copy machines are not difficult to work, a new machine may still take time to learn, resulting in potential mistakes or mishaps. 

Is copy machine repair worth it? The answer is yes. Your business will save time and money by consulting a professional to repair the office equipment. Some minor problems can even be fixed without the need to hire someone. Making a call to have the machine repaired may also be quicker so you don’t lose as much office productivity. If there are issues with the copy machine, getting it repaired is the best option. 

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