Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, we help other businesses by fixing or servicing office equipment to extend its life to avoid the expense of buying a new one sooner than needed. We save companies money by fixing what is not precisely “broken.” Servicing office equipment is just like any other type of machine service. Would you think a vehicle would be okay if it has not been serviced in the last couple of years?

Your equipment may be just barely hanging on and possibly could be a much more significant expense than it has to be soon. The average cost of a commercial copier can be anywhere from $3,000 to $12,000. While some offices choose to go the route of leasing the equipment, this can be anywhere from $195 – $920 a month depending on what type of copier is selected.

Why Now Is the Best Time to Have Your Office Equipment Serviced

Offices that are now working remotely creates a perfect time to have office equipment serviced. Why wait for everyone to come back to work and possibly slow or decrease productivity? It can quickly be done while everyone is out of the office and maintaining social distancing.

servicing office equipment in Charlotte North Carolina

Also, If you cannot remember the last time it was serviced, it is time to schedule an appointment. Just for the simple reason above: to have it looked at to ensure everything is operating as it should be and to prolong the life of the machine. In doing this, you could avoid a big price tag. Prices starting at $40 or thousands of dollars right around the corner? It seems like it should be an easy choice.

What We Repair

At CBT we service many kinds of office equipment. However, we do specialize in Kyocera, Copystar, and Hewlett-Packard office equipment. We understand every job is different, so we have specially trained technicians.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation

For one-piece or multiple, contact us for a custom quote to fit your needs and get your office equipment serviced. Fill out our form, and a professional will look over some of your needs and tell you how we can help and what the final price to you would be.