Multifunction printers come in many different forms with a variety of different capabilities. Also, the multiple functions are convenient because you no longer have to buy a fax machine and copier. Laser printers are very nice too for students and buy offices. They have even become more affordable over the years. There is a lot of things you must consider when purchasing a new printer and here are the top 8:

printers for sale1) Functions
If scanning, copying, and faxing are all a part of your work routine, then you will want to get a printer that does all 3, such as the multifunction laser printer. You will also want to check out the other functions of the printer like printing from USB sticks, scanning to USB sticks & network locations, and the capability of printing & scanning with Cloud-based apps.

2) Connectivity
Multifunction printers are very convenient because they allow you to print from the desktops if connected to the server, USB connection, or even wirelessly. Having all three of these is a great advantage; however, it is important to make sure that the printer can support all devices such as Apple, Android, and Windows.

3) Total Cost of Ownership
Make sure that when you are searching for a printer that you leave in mind that you will be spending more than just the cost of the printer. You will still need to pay for supplies, maintenance, and more.

4) Ease of Use
Printing can be such an easy job so why not make it easier? When searching for a printer, check for intuitive user interfaces, minimal training requirements, and easy online help. Also, look for a printer that is touch screen because the use will be so easy & efficient it will help prevent wasted time.

5) Overall Size
Depending on the size of your office you may not want a large, bulky printer. Make sure you consider the size of printer you need and where you will be placing it.

6) Paper Handling
Most printers are able to print pages up to the A4 size, but if you want it to be able to print pages that are A3 size, you may want to make sure your printer has that capability. You may also want to look for a printer that has a large paper holding capacity so no one has fill up the paper tray so often.

7) Monochrome or Color
Depending on the type of pages you will be printing you will need to decide if you want a monochrome or color printer. If you just print documents such as invoices all day, then you can probably just stick to the monochrome printer.

8) Duty Cycle
If you work in a busy office where people are always printing, you want to make sure you’re your printer is durable. Therefore, check the duty cycle, which is the number of prints the printer is rated on being able to print on a monthly basis. The numbers could be anywhere from 1000 to 5000 pages and up to tens of thousands.

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