Preventative Maintenance For Office Printers

Common problems that a vast amount of printer repair specialists run into are toner dumps or ink that’s clogged and damaged the print head. These can destroy a printer and its components. Printer repair costs can exceed the amount of money spent on the printer cartridges and the machine itself.

Selecting the right types of cartridges is crucial when ensuring printer repairs can be avoided. This can also maintain high-quality print, which is precisely what you want!

Consult With A Printer Repair Specialist

Consult with a printer specialist on what cartridges are best for your printer or how to avoid unnecessary printer repairs. The specialist will be aware of trends that can be problematic and the best practices that are recommended in following.

This is a great option to do as it can save the time, money, and hassle that comes with printer repairs.

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Understand What Printer Cartridges You’re Buying

What kind of ink and toner cartridges are you buying? There are various options to choose from with both ink and toner, but make sure you evaluate what type you’re buying.

The cost of what cartridge you choose can affect the quality, which can determine the number of printer repairs needed. Taking an extra minute to examine different types of cartridges could save you the frustration of printer repair time.

Avoid Printer Cartridges That Are Expired

Be mindful of toner and ink cartridge expirations dates, as using out-of-date cartridges can lead to poor quality problems. Results of consistent expired usage may be what’s causing a need for printer repairs.

When purchasing new toner or ink, try to avoid discount markets. The price tag looks appealing, but usually, the cartridges have been repackaged, or the expiration has been removed.

Combating expired cartridges:

  • Keep your cartridges sealed. Ink dries quickly when exposed to air, and knocking over an open toner cartridge can be an unfortunate powdery mess.
  • Store the cartridges in a room temperature environment. The outcome of extreme heat or cold storage areas deteriorates ink faster. In addition, extreme heat conditions can melt toner powder within the cartridge.

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