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Toner Pirates!


What is a Toner Pirate? Recently, there has been a surge in the number of customers hit by “Toner Pirates”. These companies target your receptionist, or anyone answering the phone, [...]

Toner Pirates!2017-02-02T13:12:43-05:00

The Cost of Ownership


  This is a topic that most people really don’t think about when they purchase any product unless it is an appliance that has one of those large yellow Energyguide [...]

The Cost of Ownership2016-09-16T18:20:00-04:00

Charlotte Copier Rental Models


Today's businesses must keep up with ever-changing demands and technology. One way to stay current and competitive is to rent copiers from a trusted source. Carolina Business Technologies (CBT) has [...]

Charlotte Copier Rental Models2016-05-24T13:19:22-04:00

Benefits of Leasing Office Equipment


Is your business in need of office equipment? For many business owners, especially new business owners, the idea of purchasing equipment outright feels impossible. You can get the equipment you [...]

Benefits of Leasing Office Equipment2016-04-21T13:45:55-04:00

Lease Copy Machines in Charlotte


Is your business ready to upgrade your copy machines? One way to do so more affordably is to lease copy machine units instead of buying them outright. With the help of CBT, you can have updated, upgrade copy machines affordably whenever you need them.

Lease Copy Machines in Charlotte2016-03-24T13:33:31-04:00