If you rent or purchase a newer Kyocera or Copystar printer or copier from CBT, you will benefit from the innovative new AirPrint technology. AirPrint technology from Apple allows you to create full-quality printed output without ever installing or downloading a driver onto your computer. This makes these perfect for the busy small business owner.

How AirPrint Works
When you have a printer or copier with AirPrint technology, you are able to print to it directly from iOS or OS X apps. You do not have to add additional drivers onto your computer or mobile device for it to discover and select the appropriate printer. AirPrint will find the printer, select it and then send the document to the printer effortlessly. All you need to do is select the printer on your local network, and you are ready to print.

This technology is especially helpful when you are leasing a printer or copier. Instead of having to install a new driver every time you order a new printing device, you can simply tap into the power of AirPrint and enjoy nearly instant access to the printer the moment it arrives at your office. When you send it back, you don’t have leftover drivers on your machines and you can easily adapt to a new printer at a later time.

Not Just for Apple Users
Of course, a device intended for Apple users is not helpful for the business that does not have iPads and Apple computers for its workers. The great feature of AirPrint is the ability to tweak a Windows computer to accept it. With a few additional installs, your Windows-based devices can be adapted to accept AirPrint, giving you the chance to benefit from this technology and recognize any AirPrint enabled printer or copier.

printer companyKyocera to Add AirPrint to Future Models
AirPrint has been so successful for Kyocera that the manufacturer has announced plans to add more printers with AirPrint technology in the future. By expanding its range of printers and multi-functional printing products with AirPrint, Kyocera will better meet the needs of on-the-go professionals who need better mobile solutions to print with great quality.

So whether you have a business that runs off of Apple or Windows, AirPrint could be beneficial to you. Just choose one of our AirPrint enabled Kyocera or Copystar models, and enjoy the convenience of instant access to your printer without a need to install a driver.

For businesses in the greater Charlotte area looking to integrate AirPrint into their printing systems, contact one of our technicians today! Carolina Business Technologies is proud to be the area’s leading provider of Kyocera printers.